New Zealand Relaxation VIdeos

New Zealand Relaxation VIdeos

A small yet growing collection of nature films produced by David Huting filmed in New Zealand in 4K UHD.

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New Zealand Relaxation VIdeos
  • New Zealand's Milford Sound 4K Nature Relaxation Short Film

    There is no place in the world like New Zealand's Milford Sound. While there, the best way to see the falls is by taking a boat ride onto the fjords. It's one of the rainiest places in the world but this results in an incredible display of hundreds of waterfalls falling from Lord of the Rings-sty...

  • NATURE RELAXATION JOURNEY 3 | a Dynamic Signature Film

    ABOUT: A sequel to the YouTube hit "Nature Relaxation Journey 2: World's Paradises," NRJ3 continues the style of sweeping viewers on an array of dazzling different 5-10 minute Nature Relaxation™ sequences from places like Fiji, New Zealand, Patagonia, Everest, Hawaii, Canada, California, Oregon a...

  • Purple Mountain Wildflowers New Zealand 1HR Static Nature Relaxation Scene

    One of the most beautiful & vibrant static nature scenes I have ever had the pleasure of discovering, "Purple Mountain Wildflowers" offers a full 1-hour immersion into a field of purple lupine flowers in full bloom on a perfect sunny day with bits of clouds and rain appearing - with nature sounds...

  • Dazzling Blue Lakeshore (+Music) 1 HR Static New Zealand Video - Lake Pukaki

    "Dazzling Blue Lakeshore" is a real-time 1 hour static 4K ultra high definition nature scene from New Zealand's Lake Pukaki. Nature Relaxation™ collaborator John Light (Zenergy Music™) created a new meditational song called "BLUE SPHERES MEDITATION", and I found that it perfectly suit this fixed-...

  • Dazzling Blue Lakeshore 1 HR Static Nature Scene from New Zealand

    (Nature Sounds Only) Relax for one full hour on the stunningly blue shoreline of New Zealand's famous Lake Pukaki and enjoy the mesmorizing sights of blue water illuminating, clouds, and waves. Filmed in January 2017 on New Zealand's South Island.