Guided Meditation Videos w Music (*NEW!)

Guided Meditation Videos w Music (*NEW!)

A new yet soon-to-be expanding set of professional and powerful guided meditation videos designed to help you relax anywhere, anytime. For best results, I recommend downloading the app, saving the meditations to your phone/tablet, and turning your phone on Airplane mode to ensure you aren't distracted from the constant barrage of notifications & interruptions in any given day.

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Guided Meditation Videos w Music (*NEW!)
  • Deep Relaxation in the Forest" 45 Min Guided Therapy Session for Stress Relief

    Feeling extra stressed, angry, or otherwise negative? This therapeutic Guided Stress Relief meditation by wellness coach Gayle North ( immerses viewers in the healing forests of King's Canyon, where she leads a roughly 30 minute therapy session followed by a pure nature ...

  • Just Breathe | 15 Min Guided Meditation with Music

    First of a new series of professional and powerful guided meditation videos from Nature Relaxation, "Just Breathe" is a simple introductory meditation introducing the basics of meditation: focusing on our breath and letting our thoughts not control us, so we can achieve a state of deep calm - som...

  • "The Golden Sun of Love" 528 HZ Love Frequency 1 Hour Meditation Video

    Let your worries, fears, stresses, and anxieties wash away into the sun and waves with this 1 HOUR long healing journey of golden sunlight scenes from around the world. The audio features stereo nature sounds paired with healing music by Darshan Ambient as well as the 528 HZ Emerald Heart sound ...