Aerial / Drone Relaxation Films

Aerial / Drone Relaxation Films

An expanding collection of beautiful aerial relaxation films produced by David Huting in 4K.

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Aerial / Drone Relaxation Films
  • Above the Spanish Islands (Spa Music Version) Dynamic 50 Min Film - Mallorca & Canary Nature Relaxation HD + YBC Music

    The first collaboration between cinematographer Stefan Zimmerman and Nature Relaxation™ producer David Huting, "Above the Spanish Islands" sweeps viewers on an inspirational, beauty-filled 50 minute aerial voyage over the wonders of Mallorca & The Canary Islands in 4K ultra high definition - view...

  • Above the Spanish Isles (Chillout Music Version) Mallorca & Canary Islands w Music

    [Full Description coming soon] The first of a new series of collaborations between cinematographer Stefan Zimmerman and David Huting, "Above the Spanish Islands" sweeps viewers on an inspirational, beauty-filled aerial voyage over the wonders of Mallorca & The Canary Islands - synchronized to som...

  • Ocean of Peace: Australia by Drone 7 MIN Dynamic Film with Music

    The first of a new collaboration between Nature Relaxation Films and Cast Adrift Productions, "Ocean of Peace" sweeps viewers on a visually stunning & immensely soothing aerial voyage over The Granites Beach in South Australia - paired with music and ambient nature sounds.

  • Soaring Over Maui 80 Min 4K Dynamic Film w Music

    "Soaring Over Maui" pilots viewers on a relaxing yet uplifting 80-minute aerial journey over the tropical Hawaiian island of Maui in real-time. Filmed in 4K Ultra High Definition, it offers a fresh new perspective on the world-famous island known for its beaches & nature. Viewers begin on the fam...

  • Sunset over the Mission Bay - 8 Minute Drone Video w/ Music

    Relax and enjoy the amazing sights of a golden coastal sunset as seen over San Diego's Mission Bay / Beach last night, August 17th, 2017 on my new DJI Inspire2 X5S drone. Beginning just before sunset, you'll enjoy a vibrant and detail-packed view of the exit from Mission Bay out to the Pacific Oc...

  • America From Above 1HR Ambient Drone Film w Music

    Part one of a new series of ambient drone films for relaxation, "America From Above" is a spectacular yet ultra-soothing 1-hour long natural journey that sweeps viewers gently above America's vistas. You'll begin the farmlands of Iowa (my home state), soaring west through the Rocky Mountains of ...

  • TAHITI Journey 1 HR Dynamic Nature Relaxation with Music

    Take a relaxing journey to the magical tropical islands of French Polynesia and Fiji with this ultra high definition signature dynamic nature film featuring a plethora of amazing scenes from paradise. "Journey to Tahiti" begins atop the crystal lagoons and then into the deep sea, where viewers wi...

  • PARADISE | a Synchronized Inspirational Short Film in 4K

    A light, fun, and vividly beautiful short synchronized Nature Relaxation™ immersion into the dazzling paradise that is the Fiji Islands. "Paradise" sweeps viewers from one idyllic tropical scene to the next, providing viewers with a wow factor that combines multi-sensory stimulation which has bee...

  • Above the Fiji Islands 1HR Dynamic Drone/Aerial Film Shot in 4K

    The first ever feature length aerial Nature Relaxation™ film produced by David Huting, "Above the Fiji Islands" sweeps viewers on a stunning yet soothing aerial journey above many of Fiji's most iconic, exotic, and breathtakingly beautiful tropical islands - primarily in the Yasawas. Music is a c...

  • Timeless Mastered 4K Nature Relaxation Aerial Video-HD

    "Timeless" is a short aerial Nature Relaxation journey above one of California's most timeless destinations: McWay Falls, along the Big Sur Coast. Featuring music by Ean Productions, song called "Timeless."

  • Flying at Torrey Pines Gliderport - Short Upbeat Film / Behind the Scenes Video

    A short aerial flight over Torrey Pines Gliderport with a new drone, synced to "Truth" by Shallou, offering a fun display of cinematic shots captured in 4K UHD. Location: favorite place in San Diego: The Gliderport at Blacks Beach / Torrey Pines. For the full YoutTube Demo video with Flight Mode...

  • Above the Bay | Short Music Aerial Video ft San Diego

    A relaxing aerial voyage above San Diego's spectacular Mission Bay, seen at sunset. Paired with music by Travis Revell, and filmed on the new Inspire1 Drone.

  • I Can See the Light Above the Clouds 5 Min Music Video

    Sail above your cares and worries for a full 5 minutes of pure unrestricted relaxation bliss, with this surreal video shot above the clouds by David Huting, paired with "I Can See the Light" by Travis Revell.

  • Above the Blue Lagoon HD Nature Relaxation

    In this short yet stunning aerial drone video, you'll follow a sole kayaker on Fiji's iconic Blue Lagoon before soaring up to over 1,200 ft, where the blue water, clouds, sky and landscape all take on a fresh perspective that is both relaxing and inspiring. MORE INFO:
    Filmed on the DJI Inspire1 ...